Organizational Effectiveness

Culture Analysis

Change Readiness & Agility

Any new endeavor leading to an organization’s growth requires change. This includes endeavors like the release of new products, new technology, new processes, new divisions, mergers and acquisitions. To be successful in these efforts, an organization must undertake a comprehensive change strategy to ensure that the environment and the individuals in it are prepared to implement the changes in a timely and efficient manner.

We can lead your organization through any of these changes as they occur. We also offer a proactive change process that prepares you to execute changes across your organization quickly and effectively any time a new opportunity demands a change.

Human Resource Advisement and Audit

Organizational Development

Operations Analysis & Design

Process Design & Documentation

Processes make up the pieces of “how” an organization does business and accomplishes the things that they set out to do. These processes may be written or memorized but they do exist and they help define how effective an organization will be.

We can lead your organization in defining current processes as well as designing new processes leading to improved performance and productivity. Our approach to process documentation spans from high level to very detailed and includes a facilitated approach that gains buy-in from stakeholders at all levels in the organization. Well-defined processes allow more time for individuals to be creative and make innovative contributions to their organization.

Performance Support Systems

Management Communications

Customizable Training Programs