Payment Options

We appreciate your business. 



We accept payments by check made payable to Cabot-Smith, Inc. 

Headquarters Mailing Address:  Cabot-Smith Inc, PO Box 860525, Shawnee, KS  66286-0525

Shipping Address for Express Delivery:  5026 Arapahoe Street, Shawnee, KS 66226



Credit Cards or Bank Drafts – online only

For your convenience, we have also added the option to pay through the highly secure Intuit Payment Network with a credit card or bank draft at no additional cost to you.

This allows you the opportunity to avoid the lag time inherent in mail and banking processes and pay any deposits, retainers or regular installment fees that are required at the time of contract or on an ongoing basis, per our agreement.

If you encounter any difficulty when using the Intuit Payment Network, please email us at