Kathleen Cabot-Smith, CEO Organizational Leadership Advisor & Executive Coach

Kathleen Smith Kathleen Cabot-Smith is an Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant with nearly three decades of experience in helping corporate leaders achieve their most ambitious and valued goals.  Kathleen has assisted more than one thousand executives and executive teams in more than 200 companies on five continents.  She has logged more than 100,000 hours in individual coaching and organizational consultation, helping leaders create environments where people engage, belong and contribute.Kathleen’s expertise—assisting leaders in creating profound change in their organizations and in their personal lives—has resulted in long-standing client relationships, often spanning a decade, with renowned companies such as American Express, PricewaterhouseCoopers, ATT, GE, NASA, Dupont, Marriott, Dow Chemical, Cardinal Health and United Telecom.  She has been retained in the public sector by the U.S. Army, USDA, SSA, EPA, and Department of Health and Human Services.Kathleen has been the trusted personal coach to countless senior executives, C-Suite officers, and CEO’s who regard her work as transformational in their lives.  She has repeatedly helped corporate teams to landmark breakthroughs in new product innovation, client service alignment, post-merger/acquisition re-organization, development of emerging leader talent, and complex culture change processes impacting multiple layers of management and corporate constituency.Kathleen, CEO of Cabot Smith, Inc., has founded three companies, including the widely-successful LeadersCore®, which has employed more than 100 individuals in corporate settings across the globe, delivering signature services and netting millions of dollars in client revenue.  She held early leadership positions in the Federal Reserve, 3M, and the Mead Corporation, and was a labor negotiations expert with Stern-Slegman-Prins. Kathleen has served on the boards of Insight Institute and National Press Publications, has provided pro bono support for education and protection of women and children, and has served as advisor to The Children’s Place, a child advocacy center.In addition to being a sought-after consultant and savvy executive coach, Kathleen is a frequently requested speaker, master trainer and author.  She is co-author of the widely popular Riding the Waves Without Getting Wet:  A Leadership Parable (2007), and  holds professional affiliations with American Society of Training and Development, World Future Society, American Society for Quality, International Coach Federation and the International Society for Performance Improvement.  She has been a master trainer and keynote speaker at nearly 1,000 events worldwide.

Kathleen’s degrees and certifications in multiple disciplines, include Adult Assessment and Intervention, Transition Management, Maccoby Strategic Intelligence for Leadership, Coaching, Certification Testing, Process Engineering, Sales, and Speech. She is a graduate of Cornell University, Emporia Kansas State University and the Hudson Institute, where Frederic Hudson was her personal mentor. Her continued work and research in the field of organizational leadership and human potential development, was the subject of her recent speech on Leadership and Organizational Engagement at Harvard’s Kennedy School for Public Leadership.