Donna Lenaghan, PhD. Chief: Organizational Learning & Executive Advisor

Donna Lenaghan’s passion and career is creating environments for individuals and institution to learn and achieve. Throughout her career, she has successfully lead technology, professional development, team building, and strategic planning initiatives for dozens of educational institutions, non-profit, profit and governmental organizations. For years, she has answered the call “Take our organization to the next level”. With a doctorate in Adult Education, masters in management and community development, human resource development, educational technology and numerous technical certifications, she works collaboratively with clients to adapt human resource, business and technical best practices to its unique environment.

Dr. Lenaghan has presented keynotes and workshops globally on human resource development, health education, brain-based learning, educational and/or information technology, project management, team building, corporate cultures, and change at dozens of international Conferences. The settings include but are not limited to the University of Beijing, University of Frankfurt, Dublin City University, Rand Afrikaans University of Johannesburg, Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo, World Association Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO),Transatlantic Information Exchange Conference, Summit for International and Interreligious World Federation for Peace, World Futures Society, the World Conference on Health Education, Society of Informatics and Cybernetics, American Society for Training and Development and National Voluntary Association. She has authored numerous articles for professional print and e-based publications, as well as produced video and related workshop education materials. She knows the inputs and outputs of corporate cultures, change, adult learning, human resource development, information technology and educational technology.